September 23rd-25th

What is FLG?

Fall Lake George! Like every year for the past 80 years, the Rensselaer Outing Club is hosting this spectacular fall event in scenic Lake George! This year, the weekend-long event will begin at 2:00 PM on FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 and go until Sunday September 25th.

So much fun!

Events will be hosted on and off the island starting Saturday morning and include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Hiking
  • Slacklining
  • Swimming
  • Canoeing

and much more...

Cost to Attend

  • Admission: $40
  • Powerboat: $25

    (for getting a ride in a powerboat to and from the island)

  • Canoe Rental: $70

    (may split the cost of a canoe between multiple people)

  • Late Fee: $5

    (charged after Tuesday, September 20th)

  • RPI students can charge everything to their student account.

  • Agenda

    Friday: The fun begins

    Hundreds of camping enthusiasts including RPI students and alumni from all over the east coast will be arriving at Lake George on September 23rd, ready to journey over to Turtle Island. Everyone has the option of taking their own one or two or three person canoe, or taking a powerboat over to the island. The island is about a two mile adventure away from the launch site, Veterans Beach in Bolton Landing. Once on the island everyone will set up camp and settle in for the night or relax around a campfire. Plan on being at camp before dark a.k.a 6:00pm.

    Saturday: The fun continues!

    Leaders from the Outing Club will take out a bunch of different trips allowing students to explore the Lake George area! Hike different mountains, canoe to and explore foreign islands, and just enjoy the great outdoors. Transportation to all of these activities is provided. That evening, a massive feast is served to all FLG goers. After the sun goes down, there is a huge team scavenger hunt around the island and another opportunity for campfire bonding. Stargazing and final island fun times abound.

    Sunday: The fun is shared

    Most people sleep in, exchange names and info, swap stories, and then head home.

    If you're still on the fence about coming, talk to someone who has been to FLG before! They'll surely be able to tell you what a fantastic time they had.


    Interested in going to FLG? Email Lindsay Zadunayski to sign up, or better yet, show up at a Wednesday meeting or pit hours.

    Carpool Sheet


    Everyone needs to find their own ride to Lake George on the Friday of the Event. We have provided a google document so that people without cars can find rides. If you have a car and have extra seats please put your name on the google doc so that other people who don't have rides can find you. If you are looking for a ride, find someone on the doc that is leaving at the time that you want and put your name in their row. Make sure you give them a call or email them to make sure they have a spot for you!

    Volunteer Sign-up

    If you are looking for a way to get club service hours or just want to be an awesome person, sign up to help out with FLG. We take a big U-haul truck full of gear up to the island and we need help getting ready! You can sign up to help load/unload the truck, set up on the island, or pack up to come home. If we get enough people to help out everything should be a breeze!

    Driving Directions

    The dock that we use to get to the island is in Veteran's Park in Bolton Landing. Getting there from RPI is very simple. Head north on I-87 and take exit 22. After exiting turn right to take 9N to Bolton Landing. Veterans Park is on the other side of Bolton Landing on the right side of the road.

    Packing List


    • Rain Gear (Jacket & Pants, or Poncho)

    • 3pr. Wool or Synthetic Socks

    • 3pr Underwear

    • Synthetic or Wool Long Underwear (Tops & Bottoms)

    • Gloves or Mittens

    • Wool or Winter Hat

    • 1-2pr. Shorts

    • 1-2pr. Long Paints

    • 2 T-Shirts

    • 2 Warm Shirts

    • 1 Jacket

    • Bathing Suit

    • Towel

    • Hiking Boots

    • Sneakers


    • Flashlight & Extra Batteries

    • Silverware/plate/cup (will also be supplied)

    • Sleeping Bag & Insulating Pad & Pillow

    • Tent & Ground Cloth

    • 2 Water Bottles

    • 4 EXTRA Plastic Garbage Bags (to keep dry gear dry)

    • Eyeglass Strap for kayaking

    • Toilet Paper and the basic Toiletries

    • First Aid Kit

    • Camera

    • Sunglasses

    • Compass

    • Trip Specific Gear (i.e. Rock climbing Gear)


    FLG is a dry event. No alcohol is allowed.