Leadership Procedure

1. Announce your leadership

Come to any of our club meetings on Wednesdays at 8pm in Academy Hall Auditorium and announce your name and the activity and leadership class you wish to go for. Every activity has different levels of skill for leadership, Class A requiring the most experience, knowledge and skill. Make sure you know which class you are most able to achieve. You will then have until the next ECOM (Executive Committee Meeting) to study the appropriate actitivity policy.

2. Take the test

ECOM occurs after the meeting and there you will have to face the executive committee as they ask you questions regarding the leadership position you are going for. Questions could pertain to required gear, skills, certifcations, etc. Once again, all information can be found in the activity policies.

3. Pass the vote

The committee will then vote on whether you show enough competence to earn leadership. If the vote is successful you will be authorized to take out any trips within your skill level.